Stock + Spice was founded in December 2014 by Chef Evan Mallett and Denise Mallett, owners of Black Trumpet restaurant in Portsmouth, NH. It is now owned by long-time Black Trumpet employee Paula Sullivan, who took over ownership of the shop in May of 2018, to the delight of Evan and Denise. 

The shop is located right next door to Black Trumpet, on Ceres Street, with a charming view of the Piscataqua River and Portsmouth's famous tugboats.  Across the water we can see the colorful and vibrant village of Kittery, Maine.

 At Stock + Spice, we bring global flavors, local ingredients, and creative ideas to home cooks. Along with our handmade Black Trumpet spice blends, which we blend in house, from whole spices, we also carry individual spices, spice grinding tools, and  locally produced ingredients like heritage beans and grains, jams and jellies, maple syrup, honey, and hand-crafted kitchen wares. In addition to offering fine products for sale, we want Stock + Spice to serve as a place to learn about, discuss and engage in our local food community.


Our black trumpet spice blends

All of our blends are made in house,  in small batches, using the freshest spices and herbs, ground fresh for each batch.


Our Baharat (the name means spice in Arabic) is a Turkish version, containing Middle Eastern spearmint alongside cumin, coriander, cinnamon, sweet paprika, and more.  It’s extremely versatile - great on roasted, grilled, or braised meats (particularly lamb), as well as on veggies, fish, and chicken.  It can also be used as a finishing spice.   


This Ethiopian spice blend has a bit of heat and loads of flavor. Used traditionally on wat (Ethiopian chicken stew), it’s also great in a variety of soups, stews, and rice dishes, and makes a great searing rub for sushi-grade tuna. Also great on baked chicken thighs.


Inspired by an iconic southern chef, but customized to complement the abundance of meats, fish, and vegetables found right here in New England.  Try it on tuna, bluefish, salmon, beef, chicken, game meats, vegetables, and more. 


The Boom Spice recipe was created by Chef David Vargas, Proprietor of Vida Cantina, a chef-driven restaurant featuring modern Mexican cuisine right here in Portsmouth, NH. His perfect blend of mild and hot chiles blended with a touch of cumin and coriander will add deep flavor to your chilies, carnitas, roasts, and more. We toast and grind chiles fresh for each batch.


Subtly smoky and moderately spicy, this flavorful chili powder includes smoked paprika alongside Aleppo pepper, Ancho chiles, & cayenne pepper.  It delivers deep flavor with just enough heat.


A classic blend with star anise, Szechuan peppercorns, & Indonesian cinnamon. Use a pinch to create restaurant-worthy lo-mein noodles, roast duck, fried rice, and more.  Or go the sweet route; sprinkle a little over sugar cookies, whisk into a caramel sauce, or swirl into vanilla ice cream


Our coffee pork rub was co-created by Black Trumpet Chef Evan Mallett and MEat Proprietor Jarrod Spangler. It has deep flavor with hints of caramel from the addition of finely ground, dark-roast coffee.  Created as a rub for pork tenderloin, it works great on chicken, duck, and steak. 


We call this curry our “Mellow Yellow.  It’s flavorful and versatile without heat, great in pureed soups, vinaigrettes, and on roasted veggies.  Or use to make a classic British-style curry sauce. 


A spicy Sri Lankan version, this curry draws its significant heat from Pequin peppers and Balinese Long Peppers.  Great in stews and sauces tempered with tamarind, coconut milk, or other sweet elements and served over Jasmine rice.   


This is our Southeast Asian curry.  It has mild heat from small amounts of Tepin chiles & Balinese long peppers, and a robust anise profile from asafetida, star anise, and freshly ground fennel seed.  The spices are slow toasted to deepen the flavors.   


Made with toasted chickpeas, sesame seeds, cumin, and more, this blend can be swirled into yogurt for an easy vegetable dip, or blended with olive oil and spread over warm bread.  It can also be used to add flavor and body to soups, and can be used as a finishing spice (sprinkled over roasted meats and vegetables before serving).  Chef Evan likes it in scrambled eggs, or in a batter for frying fish or eggplant.


Our rendition of this classic Indian finishing spice is surely one of the most flavorful and fresh versions you’ll find, created with slow-toasted whole spices, ground fresh for every batch.  Like many of Chef Evan’s savory blends, this one has successfully made its way into ice creams, pies, and more.   


This savory blend will compliment all of your favorite fish and shellfish dishes, including   chowders, mussels, crab cakes, crab boils, lobster rolls, seared seafood, and more. Its complex and versatile flavor comes partly from the addition of ground dried shrimp.


We created this blend to compliment the fresh, sweet flavors of just-caught fish and shellfish. It includes the bright flavors of lemon and sumac balanced with aromatic thyme, freshly cracked pepper, and sweet Hungarian paprika.


While Harissa is technically a Tunisian chili paste, we created this dry version for home cooks to easily whisk into tagines, cous cous, and other North African-inspired dishes.  It can also be blended with olive oil and lemon juice and used as a marinating rub for meat, fish and vegetables. Or, simply mix with a little salt and sprinkle over roasted potatoes.


A quintessential roasting blend inspired by the fields of Southern France.  It includes savory herbs along with fennel and lavender, and can be used on everything from chicken to potatoes to fruit salads, and more.  It's also fantastic in shortbread cookies (just add a pinch when you cream together the butter and sugar).


This Caribbean-inspired dry rub can be used to flavor meats and vegetables just before grilling or roasting.  For even deeper flavor, apply our Jerk Seasoning up to 24 hours prior to cooking -  the way it’s done in Jamaica.  Best enjoyed by those who like things a little spicy, our version includes Mexican chile de Arbol. 


An Eastern European blend classically used to season the Georgian beef soup of the same name, this blend lends great flavor to almost any hearty soup or stew, and can be used as a rub for grilled chicken, steak or pork.  It’s also great on sautéed cabbage, roasted potatoes, and buttered shell beans, or add a pinch to your corned beef hash.  


This is the blend Chef Evan created for his popular paella dishes at the restaurant.  Don’t have the time or ingredients to make a classic paella?  Sprinkle a little of this saffron-based blend into your broth before steaming rice, quinoa, or cous cous for a paella-inspired side dish.   


Our “not-just-for pumpkin” blend will be great in all of your seasonal and holiday pies, as well as in molasses cookies, gingerbread, caramel sauce, short bread, and more.  Each batch is made from freshly ground cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, and ginger.   


Originally created for smoked pork shoulder, we’ve discovered this popular rub works with almost any roasted or grilled meat, and on fish and veggies, too.  Best of all?  It’s the perfect topping for freshly popped, buttered popcorn.   


The name means "head of the shop" in Arabic, and in North African and Middle Eastern markets it will reflect the chef or shop keeper's tastes. Chef Evan's blend is used as a rub on roast meats, tagines, dips, and even in his artisan cocktails. 


This blend is a collaboration between chef Evan and MEat proprietor/head butcher Jarrod Spangler.  It was crafted to provide the perfect accent to wood- or charcoal-grilled steaks, but is also great on chicken, fish and vegetables.   


This is our twist on the classic Japanese finishing blend.  It includes sea lettuce, sumac, sesame seeds, homemade orange zest, poppy seeds, red chile flakes, & sea salt.  Great in Japanese noodle dishes, soups, and rice, or sprinkled over grilled fish or sushi. For an easy lunch, sprinkle our Sumac Togarashi over steamed brown or white rice and top with fresh avocado and a dash of sesame oil and soy sauce.  


Pronounced like “table”, this Tunisian blend is the backbone for our Harissa, but is also great on it's own.  A savory blend that includes caraway, cumin, Aleppo, and coriander, it works equally well in vegetarian chili or in lamb stew.  It's also great on grilled meats, fish, and vegetables, and in flatbreads, hummus and dips.


A classic blend made from freshly ground black pepper and savory herbs. Great for your holiday stuffing, or for any time of year.  This blend is also great as an all-purpose seasoning for soups, stuffings, roasted vegetables, and more.   


This fragrant and versatile blend includes rosemary, fennel, oregano, basil, and garlic.  Use it to season extra virgin olive oil for dipping freshly baked bread, in soups, red sauce, pasta fagioli, or in any of your favorite Italian recipes.  We especially like it as a rub for beef steak alla Fiorentina, or as a dredge for fried tofu.


This spicy Black Trumpet mix has the heat of habanero peppers, the citrus of lime zest, and the complex flavors of annatto, Mexican oregano, and more. Great on white fish and in ceviche, salsa, and beans & rice. 


A fragrant and flavorful blend that can be swirled into olive oil and drizzled over pita bread, or used to flavor salads like Arabic Fattoush salad.  Also great on roasted meats and veggies.  It derives its tangy, fruity flavor from thyme, sumac, Aleppo pepper, and toasted sesame seeds.